May 31, 2012

Project Life Update: Week 16

Week 16

I have actually had most of this done for a while, just haven't had time to actually take photos and blog it.  So here we are:
I'm going to just post pics, because I am updating 3 or 4 weeks and don't feel like typing all this out.  :)
Left Side.
Title Card
Right Side
insert:  kids dinner menu from our family date night.  Bryce wrote out his name (with a little help from me) but I was so stinkin proud I had to keep it!


Donna said...

Yah! So glad to see your Project Life posts again. I love looking at them.

Shannon b said...

I'm loving all your PL updates! You are rocking it!

Sammy said...

I love the way you connected two blank journal cards together with washi tape. GREAT idea! love it all!