June 20, 2012

Project Life Update: Week 20

Week 20.  Just when I'm starting to feel like I'm caught up with my album and I get photos taken and posted, I realize I have two weeks of photos that I have not even looked through yet.  I love summer, but it makes it a little tough to sit down with my computer/camera.  Anyone?  Anyone?  

Full layout.  Kind of crazy with my embellishments this week.  No theme going on, I just threw stuff together.  Lots of colors, lots of patterns...it's a little haphazard. 
Left Side
Title Card:  I think I saw Jasmin at Our Happy Life Documented do a title card like this, with the dates and week.  If you haven't seen her stuff...you need to get over there ASAP.  She is flippin amazing.
Bryce's four year well visit.  Didn't get a pic at the Dr. Office, so I just snapped his stats when we got home.
Got to get away from the monsters for a nice little lunch date downtown.  Very nice!
Found this photo floating around on Instagram...couldn't resist.  This is me to a "T".  
Right Side:
A few snapshots of the kiddos at Gymnastics.  Rocking in the car...kids favorite pastime as of late.  But only in Dada's car.  Impromptu pedicure that was desperately needed.
Carried the teal/aqua color along the right side to tie the beach photos together.  Went out to Pere Marquette with the inlaws and the kids couldn't resist getting in the water.  Lake Michigan in May?!?  Crazy I tell ya.  Crazy. 

I'm linking up at the Mom Creative.  I will have 3 separate link ups for weeks 20, 21, and 22.

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Fiona said...

Nice pages! I love the lunch date card :)