June 20, 2012

Project Life Update: Week 21

Week 21.  Here we go:
Full layout with 2 inserts.
Left Side:  Wrapping up the school year, teacher gifts, new big girl seat, and packing/getting ready for vacation!  Nothing too fancy...pictures and label stickers.
Title card:  I'm looking forward to working on this project one week at a time again.  I'm running out of ideas for title cards and since I was trying to catch up on 3 weeks at once, it's pretty simple.
Right side with 2 inserts.  I saved a few ticket stubs/room key/boarding pass from the trip and just sewed some pockets to keep everything in place.
back side of the pockets.  And yes, I unknowingly glue the tickets together upside down.  whatever.
I enlarged and cropped a pic of Dan and I to 6x12 and added a few embellishments.
Backside of the 6x12 is just a collage of pics from the concert.  WHICH WAS AMAZING!!!!  Look how close I was able to get to the stage.  Sadly our seats were not there, but I had no shame and walked right in front of everyone so I could get a picture of my man.  (note the incredibly creepy self shot with Kenny in the back.)
Lets's listen to a quick song, shall we?

Old Blue Chair...one of my all time favorites.  (and yes, my husband was nice enough to serenade us all because he wasn't aware I was taking a video.  Thanks babe)
Since it was raining almost every second of this vacation, I didn't bring my camera out of the hotel.  Not once.  Almost all of my pics were with my phone, so I used Design F to mount my square photos on 3x4 cards.  Sadly, we didn't get to do much.  Lots of drinking, a little casino, and of course...Kenny.
I did have a couple larger photos that I wanted to include, so the 4x6 pocket flips down.
Used a bi-fold journal card with a piece from my smash pad on the front.
I wish I had more exciting news to report from the vacation...you know, Like Kenny spotted me in the audience and asked me to leave my husband to run away with him on his luxury yacht.  So...I just journaled about the rain.

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Fiona said...

I love these pages! I love how you added all those tickets and the pictures of your vacation. Very nice!