June 20, 2012

Project Life Update: Week 22

Week 22.  Slowly catching up.  :)

Full layout.  I used Design F on the backside for my Bahamas pictures, so I just made it work this week.  Don't really LOVE the left side, but I'm dealing with it.
Title card.  I was a little chevron/stripe crazy this week.  
Left Side:  Memorial day was very low key, so I just wrote a little text on the back of a bi-fold card, then sewed an additional page protector to add some 3x4's of the kiddos and our "family date".
Again, I love being able to add more photos without cropping them too small, or adding inserts if I don't have to.  
This layout (design F) also allowed me to use four similar photos across the bottom.  I saw Catherine (over at Design Editor) do something like this, and I've been wanting to try this.  Since it is impossible to get good action shots of your 4 year old jumping with your cell phone, the outtakes worked perfectly for this! oops, just noticed pic 2 is where pic 1 should be.  eeehhhh.
I told you I went nuts with the chevron.   Used a circle punch and cut in half to tie the photos to the journal card.
Now let's discuss the bomb weather we've been having, shall we?  My right side is sort of celebrating summer, good weather and fun.  Yay!  The kids and I were getting ready for the pool and I couldn't resist snapping a pic of us in our snazzy shades.  i phone weather screenshot.  Kids in their super awesome hoody towels, and of course, the pub pedal.  
These little babies are only $8 at Costco right now...the towels, not the kids.  

Linking up at the Mom Creative.  Lots of creative inspiration from fellow PL-ers over there.  Check 'em out.

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Fiona said...

I think you did a really great job with the left hand side. I like how you linked the photo and text with the chevron and I love the action shots across the bottom!