August 21, 2012

Holy Mother of Project Life Catch Up, Part 2

Part two.  Weeks 29-32.  Here we go!

 Full Layout.  This was a week of ups and downs.  My Papa passed away, and we celebrated and said good bye to him on Tuesday.  The weekend turned up though, and I was able to spend time with some great friends.
 This week I used digital elements by Marcy Penner.  Lots of Rhonna Designs too.  I included some of my favorite photos of Papa, and the program from his funeral service tucked into the journal pocket.   I took a screenshot of our radar one day.  We hadn't had rain in a few weeks and it was much needed.
 Dan and I had two separate get togethers this weekend.  Friday we went up north with our neighbors to their cottages on Lake Michigan.  AMAZING!  Then I left right from there and finished off the rest of the weekend with my girls from bible study.
 I had lots of pictures I wanted to include, so I just doubled up on the 4x6 slots, and sewed an additional pocket in the two bottom spots.  I lifted the flap so you can see how they move.
This allows 3 4x6 photos in one spot.  Love doing these flip pages!  One of the girls put together an amazing photo/video slideshow from the weekend.  She is so awesome.  I just created a QR code and pasted it on the journal code, so I can scan and watch the video anytime.

Full layout.  This week I used the digital elements from Michelle Underwood's Sweet Serenety Kit. This kit has always been one of my favorites!  This used to be my blog design.  Love.
 Left Side.  Made a little collage of my Photo a day pics.  I was catching up from being out of town all weekend.  I couldn't help but screenshot when THE Rhonna Farrer wanted to follow me on Instagram.  :)  (I know, I am a huge nerd)
Right side.  Running and Olympics.  :)  The summer games began this weekend, so I took some pics of the opening ceremony, the first even we watched, and a cute little logo I found.  Lots of Insta Lovin elements.

 Full layout.  One insert courtesy of Bryce (and the daycare at the gym).  We have all been watching the olympics and I think Bryce has Olympic Fever! :)
This week I used Michelle Underwood's Ruffles and Rust Kit.    It is really easy and fast to be able to use my instagram pictures that are already "doctored up".  Used another QR code of the kids playing in the sprinklers.  Fun way to add videos!  I text Dan a picture of some yummy dip that we are obsessed with right now, and there was a mix up in the message.  Funny.  I followed Team USA on instagram, and there were daily collages of the medal winners.  I just took screenshots and cropped them.  
Right side, mostly text on photos.  A few more instagram shots.  New POD list for August.
 Full layout.  This week I went stricly Clementine digital collection.  (and printed journaling on the actual cards from the core kit)
For the title card, I used Ali Edwards Hello Life Boxes Brushes.  I changed the color and added the week text and number on one of the digital journal cards.  I also used another one of Ali Edwards Love Something brushes for the brush.
 I found some renderings online for the new preschool the kids are attending in the fall.  Sewed an additional 4x6 pocket so I could show both renderings, plus a map showing the old and new locations.

Brutal couple of days with a sick girl around here.  Probably not nice of me to take her picture when she was so miserable!!  Hey...these are the memories!  I used a collage I made on my phone of how we killed some time on Saturday, and another from our walk around GVSU on Sunday.  I have been taking lots of screenshots of my runs.  Good for PL.

Purchasing the Clementine digital Elements in addition to the core kit has been so helpful.   some other elements I love to use are Bananafish Studio polaroid  and microscrappers.
How stinkin cute are these?
Insta Lovin' Bundle Insta Lovin' 2 Bundle Kit
I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with these Insta Lovin' kits from Rhonna Designs.  
They include a .ttf file so you can use them as dingbats/fonts right in Phonto on your phone.  Here is a GREAT blog post explaining this much better than I have here.  I can't say enough about it.  LOVE.

So there you have it.  That's my process.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I'm linking up with the Mom Creative this week.  


Colleen said...

These look so great Sara! I love how you incorporate the smallest parts of your day. Awesome!

I'm also sorry about your papa. Lost mine in February and it was so very sad : (

Brandi White said...

WOW! Sara your pages are amazing! I love all of it. The digital elements just make it. Great photos and great layouts! I am super jealous of your mad instagram skillz girl~

Regina White said...

Girl these pages look fabulous!!!

Melanie Britt said...

Way to catch up! Great job documenting the Olympics. Enjoyed your pages. TFS.

Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

Love your pages! You might have sold me on the Insta Lovin' kits. I don't use Instagram (the horror!), so I've shied away from it, but I LOVE the collages you've done.
Also, congrats on your eight-miler! You better believe I'll share my map when I reach eight miles again!

Anonymous said...

Great layouts and your photos look great, too!