August 21, 2012

Holy Mother of Project Life Catch up! Part 1

Summer has been kind of crazy and busy.  I continue to take tons of pictures (although 99% of them are on my iphone), I have just been slacking in selecting, editing, cropping, printing, and assembling them into each weekly layout.  So over the last 2 weeks, I have busted butt, and I am (practically) caught up.
This project has always been so enjoyable for me.  The process, just as much as the end result.  This summer was brutal, and I had this constant nagging feeling about how far behind I was.  I DO NOT LIKE that feeling!

So, since the process I explained above seemed very overwhelming and time consuming, I decided to put these layouts together digitally.  What I mean is, I used 4x6 and 3x4 canvases, and just printed them as photos so I could insert them right in the traditional Style A pages.  I create these in  PSE (photoshop elements), and use a variety of different digital kits/elements/etc.  I will do my best to link up to the sources. we go!
Full layout.
 Left Side
Right Side
This week I used many elements from Michelle Underwood's Dwell in possibilities Kit.  Often, I will create a blank 4x6 document, add a background paper, add photo, then maybe some journaling and embellishments.  Drop shadows help to make it look a little more 3 dimensional and not so "digital".  Also, lots of photos collages/frames/designs are created right on my iphone.  

 This was the week of our big family vacation, so I had lots of photos I wanted to include.  I had to additional pages for this week.  Above, you can see that I enlarged a photo of the kiddos to 6x12.  Below is the back side of the 6x12.
 It was 4th of july, so I used lots of red/white/blue elements.  I found a free 4th of July digi kit, and for the life of me, can't remember where I found it, or who it is by.  Everything you see on this page is from that kit...sorry.???
 Lots of text right on the pictures so I had more room to add photos.  I am pretty much obsessed with the Insta Lovin' Kits by Rhonna Designs.  If you follow my Instagram feed, you will notice lots of the same patterns/designs.  They can be used on your phone, and as png files/brushes. She has awesome tutorials and info on her blog.
 Front side of Insert.  I used Becky Higgins Design G page protector.  All 4th of July pics!
Back of Design G.  We hit the beach a lot too!
Right side .

 Fully Layout.  This week, most of my digital elements are from Persnickity Prints free digi kit- Sun and Sea.  I loved the blues, yellow, and coral.  The rest was from the Clementine kit.   Very bright and cheery!
 I think I used a little bit of Rhonna's designs everywhere.  Again, I was looking to move fast, and these brushes are super fun and easy to use.  I typed up my journaling and printed right onto the cards from my core kit.  Also, I used one of Ali Edwards Hello Life Boxes (story of our days) over one of the clementine patterned papers.
Right side.  I put together a map of all the stops we made before heading out of town for the weekend.  I love when people include little details like maps/text messages, etc, and I'm trying to throw those in here and there.  Also got my new kindle this week, so I cut the front off the packaging and punched some holes to fit in the binder.

 I will finish up the rest in the next post!  Thanks for checking out my album!  For the first time in months (gasp) I'm linking up at The Mom Creative.  Lots of Project Life Goodness.  I haven't been over there in way too long.  Can't wait to see what  everyone is up to!


packmom said...

Great job getting caught up. I like how you do all the digital stuff and then print and just slip in. I still haven't done anything with my picture except get them up on my blog. Someday!

Lisa Johnson said...

I ♥ ♥ ♥ your pages!
They have so many fun elements, but don't look crowded or messy.
Also, way to get caught up so fast! :)

Anonymous said...

without even looking at your layouts closely I was impressed with all the work you must've done ... after looking at them, I'm even more impressed!

The Wallace Family said...

Glad you got caught up!! I just love your PL layouts they are some of my favorites to look at:) I am so far behind. I hope one day I will be caught up, like one day before December 31!!!