August 8, 2012

Lots of catching up to do.

I really don't know how I fell so behind???  I just caught up with 4 weeks of photos and got them all put together in my book.  Then next thing I was august?!?  What is happening???
Last night (while watching the olympics..yay!) I uploaded, sorted, and organized all my photos and printed up a few planning sheets.  If you haven't used them, they are a life saver.  So I'm officially 6 weeks behind.  I cranked out all these sheets today, and I'm getting there!  

I decided to catch up with more digital than I normally do.  At least I'm not help up in another room, and I can work on my laptop wherever the rest of the family may be.  Here's what I came up with for week 26:
Title card
I'm just going to print each of these as 4x6's and journal on some cards.  
Love this face!
Loving all the Insta Goodies from Rhonna's new collection.  I've only used them on my phone thus far, but they have not dissapointed in photoshop.  

A few journal card size photos.
Yes, I totally took this awesome self portrait at the dentist.  Don't hate because my shades are sooooooo cool.
Getting ready for our family camping trip the following week.  Worked on this "family crest" for our camp site!  This is poster board size.  
Mentally pumping myself up to keep going.  Again, loving the instaquotes!  
Date night at Twisted Rooter.  In case you were wondering, they don't actually have roosters...this little bugger was on the wall at our table.

Still going strong with the Photo-a-day challenge.  Fun, Fun, Fun.

Keep an eye out for my next few weeks of catching up.  Wish me luck!

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Colleen said...

ouch your poor mouth!!

love seeing your lay-outs : )