September 15, 2012

First Day of Pre-School

What in the WORLD is going on here?  I swear, I just popped these two babies out...not at the same time, but you know where I'm going.  Yes, it's only pre-school, and Yes, it's only 3 days a week, but still...from this day forward, both of my babies are in school!!!!
Bryce did so great last year on Tuesday and Thursday, I knew he would be ready for three days a week.
...but THIS ONE?!  It's funny how different I feel from last year to this year.  I was so happy/sad about sending my first born off to be in the care of strangers for three hours.  I know he was in good hands, but I felt so much angst those first few weeks.  How is he doing?  Is he having fun?  Is he making friends?  Is anyone being mean to him?
Well, nope!  Not this year.  I was so ready for these two to get out the door and get to school!  It was a long summer, filled with long days, and lots of entertaining, lots of meltdowns, and lots of chaos.  I am ready for a break!
Clearly, they are not looking forward to it AT ALL either.  :)
{and here's the awkward family squatting photo with kids who are D.O.N.E. getting their picture taken. Love it!}
Heading in for the first time!  Love the enormous back packs, the hand holding, the new school clothes and shoes.  All of it.
I am so, so, so happy the kids are able to go to school here.  This year is the first class at the new facility.  As a matter of fact, they are still working on some last minute touches now that school has started.  It is such a fun environment for them, and they come home so excited every day.
The old place was nice, but I was blown away when we went in for orientation.  Not only is everything brand new, user friendly, hands free, but it is sticking with the farm theme from top to bottom.  
First day was a success!  Here's to a great school year!  
If you need me on M/W/F...I will be at Target...BY MYSELF... with a Starbucks in my face.


Colleen said...

Target makes everything better : )

I love that pic of the kids and your hubby. They all came out cute!

Shannon said...

Oh yah baby!! FREEDOM!! :) Just kidding....but I'll meet ya at Target for a cof-feeeee!! :)

Can't believe how fast our babies grow. So sad :(

Sarah said...

I totally did a Starbucks run after dropping Augie off for his first day. I cried (didn't think I would) and needed a "treat".
Love the pictures and the school looks great!