September 13, 2012

Thankful Heart Thursday


This sounded like a great link up to try today.  Renee over at The Simple Moms has started up a weekly link up on Thursdays to share something she is thankful for.  So often, I find that I am caught up in the craziness of life with two preschool age kiddos, that somehow it is so much easier to remember the bad at the end of the day.  
I was so excited to see this post because it is just one more reminder that I need to SLOW DOWN, thank God for all the good that I have, and just BE thankful.  Thank goodness for camera phones.  I have proof that my children can behave, and actually like each other (on rare occasions)
I love this screenshot that I took last week from Instagram.  Great reminder!

...and since we all know I love my iphone, I had to download this cool app as soon as I heard about it. (mine is for iphone, not sure if there are other options).  It's called Gratitude Journal.

                                                 iPhone Screenshot 1
(not my photo...just took it from the website)

This app allows you to write down things in list format, and add photos of things you are thankful for each day.  It stores them in calendar form, so you can flip through them and remember things that were pretty great from the day!  

I'm linking up at  the Simple Moms today, so click over there to read more thankful thursday stories!

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Shannon said...

Ooohhh, I need to check that app out!