September 6, 2012

one last hoorah!

Dan suggested we go camping one more time before the summer was over.  No one was using the camper, so Dan's parents were nice enough to take it out to the campground and get it set up for us.  We stayed out there Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.
Up on the roof of the 5th Wheel making sure everything looked OK.  (in bathing suits...and bike helments...that's how we roll.)
The weather was perfect and we were able to have lots of great campfires.  I'm still washing the smell out of my hair.  We even cooked dinner over the fire two nights.  (Hobo pies and hotdogs)
We went for a walk down to the lake to see the sunset, but the kids couldn't resist the amazing waves.  

Love these two silly kids.
The kids loved hanging out with their cousins.
( least Sydney did)
We made some cool sand sculptures...
Played lots of cards...
...and just chilled out.  
We may or may not have bathed our children right in Lake Michigan a few times.  I will never tell.
It was a nice way to end the summer.  Now it is back to school time!  Tomorrow is our first day!


Colleen said...

That looks fun. Love your beach pictures. Always a favorite of mine to take pics on the beach.

Mhie Recio said...

Great Photos. They look that they are having fun.