October 10, 2012

She is THREE!

Happy Birthday to the coolest three year old on the Planet!  Sydney Claire, you are quite the handful and you challenge me every single day, but I wouldn't trade you for the world.  You are amazing...just the way you are.  We love you!

(I'm not sure why this photo is the thumbnail for the video...?)


Bree said...

Love it! Her smile reaaly is amazing! Happy Birthday Syd!!!!

Janine said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!! I really can't believe she is 3.....i remember her being in your belly and it seems just like it was yesterday! Love the slideshow....sniff, sniff.

Lindsey said...

Sara - Yes, GR born and raised! I really miss it this time of year. It was a pleasure designing for Sarah at Arena Five. The blog world is a small one! :) Happy birthday to your cute daughter.

Pink Ronnie said...

Awww... so sweet. Happy birthday to your big girl!
Ronnie xo