October 4, 2012

Thankful Heart Thursday

Each Thursday, Renee at Mommaste, and writer for the Simple Moms  posts a series called "Thankful Heart Thursday".  I love the idea of slowing down and just being thankful for what I have.  I need {and want} to do more of this everyday, so this is a great way to express what I'm thankful for.

Today, I am so very thankful for my health.  This is something I have always taken for granted.  For the last several months, I have been training for my first half marathon.   It's been quite a commitment both on my part, and the rest of the family.  The race is a little over two weeks away, and unfortunately, during my long run on Sunday, something went wrong with me knee.  I'm not 100% sure what, I just know that it hurts! :)

I'm trying to go easy on it and praying nothing is seriously wrong, but these last few days have been so frustrating and upsetting.  Now I know, this may seem pretty vain.  "Poor me, I can't run a half marathon" and there are others struggling with loss, disease, or worse.  This is why I am so thankful.  
I'm thankful I have been healthy enough to train all summer and push my body and mind to try something new.  I'm thankful for the support of my family.  I'm thankful for the encouragement I've received from friends.   I may or may not reach this goal, and I have to be OK with that.  I am healthy, and so very fortunate.  


Mommaste said...

Sara, you are so great for dealing with an unpleasant situation all while keeping your Thankful Heart! I'll be praying that you heal quickly and are able to achieve your goal of running a half marathon!

Colleen said...

ooooh I am so sorry you are dealing with this! here's hoping for a quick recovery