October 20, 2012

Thankful Heart Thursday {...or Saturday}

Each Thursday,  the Simple Moms host a series called "Thankful Heart Thursday".  I love the idea of slowing down and just being thankful for what I have.  I need {and want} to do more of this everyday, so this is a great way to express what I'm thankful for.
Today I am thankful for hand-me-downs, and the AMAZING people who keep sending them our way.  We have a bunch of girl cousins close to Sydney's age, so lots of goodies continue to find their way to our house.  
It seems that each season, once Syd grows out of something, there is a plethora of the next size to go through and choose from.  Now that it is socially unacceptable too cold to put the kids in their crocs, I assumed I would have to go out and get a whole new slew of shoes.  Nope!  I just walked upstairs to her closet and went shopping.  
These little treasures are not just limited to shoes...Sydney gets to sport this adorable new winter coat courtesy of her super cool cousin Charlotte! (and Aunt Amy's good taste!)
{November 2011}
So Aunt Stacy, Mairyn, Aunt Amy, & Charlotte...thanks for all the great things you keep sending our way.  Not only does Sydney get to look so cute, but you are saving us from shopping!  We are so thankful!

I'm linking up at The Simple Moms for Thankful Heart Thursday!


Colleen said...

cute stuff! we pass on E's stuff and I get my nephew's things for C. It's always fun to go through and see what's in there.

MaryAnn Perry said...

Hand me downs make me happy too and so grateful especially when they grow so quickly!!! Which I can't seem to stop!!! Unfortunately no snow boots for us :(

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