December 19, 2012

Project Life, and falling off the wagon

I looked back through my posts, and discovered that the last Project Life update I posted was through  week 32...way back in August.  Oh MY!

That makes me very sad.  I have managed to sneak in some PL time here and there, and I'm actually caught up through week 45 or 46 I think...I just haven't posted about it.  I'm hoping that after Christmas, I will have some down time to catch up before the year is over.  I am bound and determined to have my album completed before December 31st!
In order for me to catch up on large amounts of time, I tend to do my layouts digitally.  Kind of a bummer, because I enjoy the cutting, gluing, stamping...but I also love a completed week.  So, if it needs to be digital, so be it!
I also get to use more elements that I don't have in my traditional supplies.  Yay!

So, hopefully I will have more updates coming soon!

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