January 8, 2013

Final 2012 Project Life Update (part 1)

I shared some thoughts on my 2012 PL album yesterday.  I'm ready to begin a new year, a new album , a new design...Yay Seafoam...but before jumping into 2013, here are the rest of my layouts for weeks 35 through New Years Eve 2012!  This is going to be a long one, so here we go:
Whew!  I think this might be a good place to rest.  I will finish up the rest in part 2!  

It's been waaaaay too long, but I'm linking up over at The Mom Creative!


Anonymous said...

I love your style - seriously! I struggled with my date/week cards last year and decided to go with a consistent look for 2013. You have changed my mind by posting all these layouts - I love how your week cards are all different.

Cerise said...

Love your pages!! Congrats on getting caught up. I am SO ready to be done with 2012 so I can completely focus on 2013.

Sarah K said...

TWINSIE! You know I love your PL. Always have, always will. Couple favorite things you shared here: the cute little white butts in the bathtub (priceless!) and the text messages from Bryce. So sweet! Where do you get all your washi tape? So looking forward to seeing how you move ahead with Seafoam; I'll be using that kit also.

Vicki said...

Oh my gosh! I love your design style--it's so fun!