January 7, 2013

Hello 2013- Project Life Thoughts

With the new year, comes lots of really good intentions on my part!  Eat better, exercise more, yada, yada, yada.  Same story... new year.

All of the previously mentioned things are totally on my to-do list, but I would like to include keeping up with my Project Life album.  Over the last 3 years, I've always managed to complete my albums, but at what cost?  I have spent much of the last week ignoring EVERYTHING and cranking out several weeks worth of layouts.  That is for the birds.  (and that is NOT what I want this process to be about.)  Update coming tomorrow.

So as of today, I would just like to say that I am done!
That's right...2012 is done baby!  This makes me sooooooo happy!

Here are some thoughts I've had about 2013 and this next album I am about to begin.
 I am going to keep it simple!  
However that needs to happen (and I haven't exactly nailed down the details) I will being trying to keep things much more simple.  Tracy Larson had an amazing post about how she is planning to tackle 2013.  This rocked my world.  You must read.  I am totally incorporating dropbox as part of my routine now.

Some other random things i would just like to add:
I WILL NOT feel guilty for having 95% of my photos come from my cell phone and or instagram. (Something is better than nothing!!)
I WILL NOT compare my book/my style to anyone else.  We are all different.  That does not mean their album is better than mine, just different.  (anyone else have PL envy seeing all the amazing layouts out there?!?
I WILL NOT feel overwhelmed if I don't take pictures.  It's not life or death.  I will just take more later.
I WILL do my very best to stay on top of organizing photos and uploads.  See above link from Tracy about setting up folders on your computer now!
I WILL NOT feel that I need to add "extra elements" to everything.  The photos and journaling are all that matter...not washi tape or the latest and greatest stamps.  Do you hear me Sara? Get over it!  Keep it simple!
WILL use this binder to plan out my layouts, because this has really been working for me.
Ok, I'm done.  So, I'm off to upload and crop a bunch of pics that I took of weeks 35-52.  Yup, you read that right...12 weeks.

...and if you are really bored, here are links to week one through falling off the wagon.  Enjoy!
Week 1 and cover
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Week 11 and 12 
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Falling off the wagon


Kim A said...

I am so with you on the PL envy! :-) Especially Susan Weinroth's albums, I so love her style. And mine ends up looking nothing like it! But you're right...it's ok to have a simpler album and it's going to be the memories and pictures that I cherish years from now.

I don't have kids yet and have such a hard time taking enough pictures for a two week spread, which led me to give up last year. So this year I'm going to do more 1 page spreads for each week, and have a 2 page spread if something special was going on where I have more pictures. Hopefully that will work for me.

I always love seeing your pages too, thanks for sharing them!

The Wallace Family said...

Love this post because this is totally what happened to me! Last week I was still on July! And I poured over my project life for several hours to get it finished. I still have so many pictures to print out too blah...that is my problem...not printing my pictures!!

I love your I will not compare my album to anyone elses because I do that as well! I love what I do until I start looking at everyone elses! I think yours is fab as well:)

I can't wait to see what kit you are going to work with this year and maybe together we can keep each other on track a little better!!

Good luck with those pictures!

Abby Devine said...

I am with you all the PL envy..... when I start looking at every one elses... I lose track of my own trying to make it bigger and better with more and more embellishments, when really my ideas are fine and my own!! Sara, keep doing what you are doing, your layouts are always fab!!