March 19, 2013

Living Room makeover

What the heck is going on?  I almost forgot for a second that I have a blog.  Not that there is anything important or interesting going on over here...I have just let my laziness completely take over.  Ack.

Anyhoo... I have been itching to do something new with our living room.  Maybe it's the cabin fever rearing it's ugly head, or the fact that it's been 5 years since we moved in, and I'm ready for change.  I have been pinning some ideas for a while, and I'm thinking of going a little wild up in here.
Our entire main floor is painted yellow...and I am soooooo over yellow.  Thankfully it is a neutral yellow, so it's not too overwhelming, but there are too many walls that start and stop in weird places, so if we tackle part, we'd have tackle all.  Not going to happen.  Also in my favor, is the couch.  Yes, it's looking pretty sad these days, but while the kids are small, we are not replacing furniture.  It is actually a sectional that is currently split in half on either side of the room.  (see below)

I figured the easiest, most  "non committal" way to make some simple, yet dramatic changes would be pillows, lamps, and curtains.
Too wild??  I'm not sure if I can sell my ultra conservative husband on something like this?
Kinda boring...
Swap out for something with more color/personality??
As I mentioned before, we've been here 5 years and I have never picked out curtains.  That was too overwhelming, and I figured we could just close the blinds for privacy.  Shame on me!!!!  I have been seeing horizontal striped curtains everywhere, and I'm dying!   I've considered making them, but fabric adds up.  Then I found a few tutorials showing how to make them.  With paint!  Say whaaaat?


These babies make me happy...but very nervous at the same time.  Black?  Could I pull this off?
Hmmm...I don't know?  (Images are cut and pasted on...obviously)
Please excuse the mess in the background...we live here.  Isn't this couch so sad.  The two sides may need to be reunited.  It looks kind of limp. :)
Or maybe it just needs some happy pillows and a new lamp shade?  I also toyed around with the idea of Tan-ish it's not so...bold?  Maybe I should just stick with a few colors, instead of the rainbow explosion.   I need help!  Any thoughts, opinions?  Is this just horrific and tacky?  I am no interior designer, that's for sure.  Before I spend any money, I'd love some opinions.  Holla!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the black and white stripe curtains!
Go for the coloured cushions, they will make you smile when you see them, even if they don't match perfectly and . . . they are only cushions, if you don't like them after a while, change them.

Kirstyn, Brisbane, Australia

Colleen said...

I love the striped curtains!! I think colorful pillows in there would brighten up the space. I have yellow walls in my dining room/living room and I used reds, oranges as accents

Cle Reveries said...

The cushhios are perfect there, a touch of personality, indeed!!!
Have a great time,my dear!!!