March 29, 2013

Project Life Update (a.k.a...massive photo dump)

I have to admit, with the convenience of Instagram, I am able to follow pretty much everyone that I used to keep up with regularly through blog updates.  It seems like I rarely ever get on my computer and read, let alone write blog posts.  I have had these layouts done ages ago, I've just been too lazy to post them. are weeks 3-12...(I've decided to do all my layouts digitally this year.  However, I am still printing each 4x6 to insert in the album.)

Week 3:

Week 4:

Bottom left has a flip up page:

Week 5:

(ticket stub from Rise of the Guardians will be taped to the top right journaling card)

Week 6:

I also used the invitation from the Award's banquet with a photo on the inside to include as an insert.  I still cannot get over that creepy greasy 70's wig and glasses.  ICK.

Week 7 is our Mexico trip, and since I lost my phone I had very few pictures.  As soon as Janine adds her pics to my dropbox folder (ehem!!!) I can finish up week 7. :) :) :)
The rest of the week is Mexico.

Week 8:

Lots of documentation this week from email and web concerning my lost and traveling iphone.

Week 9:

Week 10:

Week 11:
I wasn't sure if I wanted to switch up my kit style, but after seeing the Kraft collection, I was IN LOVE.  I really like the simplicity of Seafoam, but after 10 weeks, I'm a little bored with it.  Kraft is so Kid friendly, and colorful.  I love it!  (and I am obsessed with PL Creative Team member Jen's style...totally copying her!!!)

Week 12:

So there we are.  All caught up.  Ahhhhh, that feels so good.  How is your album coming along???


Sarah Kooiman said...

Ahhhh!!! I am geeking out at these pages. Your digital brilliance leaves me in awe. I feel like my physical album can't even hold a candle to these beauties. Bravo, my dear. It's wonderful.

I especially love the Bryce quotes and how you are able to incorporate so much of your social media connections in your pages. Love, love, love.

Cle Reveries said...

Very, very nice and interesting!
Best wishes for a wonderful starting Spring, my dear!

Jenny said...

Meatball cupcakes with mashed potato frosting! :) What is that from? I know I heard that in the last week or so... I think on a kids' show? I thought it was funny, and sounded yummy. :) We just got a HomeGoods too! Sadly, I haven't been able to go yet. Love the shadow photo, and all the little bits of life! I'm visiting from The Mom Creative. :)