April 11, 2013

Project Life Update: Week 14

Last week was spring break, so we kind of laid low around here.  We had the cousins over for a sleepover, then Dan and I took off for a wedding in New York on Friday.

I also tried something new this week.  I downloaded the Vine app and joined.  At first I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but I think I will be using it more for documenting rather than "sharing".  The concept:  It allows you to record six second videos...either one consecutive video, or quick snips of videos all looped together.  It's like IG, but all videos.

 I gathered my videos for the week and put them all together into one using Windows Live Movie Maker , then created a QR code (Left side).   Photos are great...but playing back video and hearing those little voices makes me melt.  Here is my first attempt: (there is no music...just the audio from videos)

Moving on...here is the full spread:
Left Side:
Right side:
There are weeks where I go back and forth about how I feel doing 100% digital.  Some weeks, I really miss the tangible cutting and assembling.  Others...not so much.  This is one of those weeks where digital just worked.  This layout came together very easily.  I love being able to include screen shots of the route we took to NY, the QR code with video, etc...However, I have a few things I wanted to include in an insert (wedding invitation, and photo strips from the photo booth at the wedding)

Front:  I'm going to use design J and cut it down to hold a few wedding shots and the invitation.

In case I didn't mention before, I'm still printing everything out at Costco and inserting the photos into pockets for my Album.  Rather than printing everything as a photo book, this allows me to add extra things if needed, and I have the flexibility to use inserts.  (I've had a few people ask :)

I'm linking my PL update over at the Mom Creative.  Thanks for visiting!


Sarah Kooiman said...

My question is totally non-PL related, but it is still vitally important.

How do you like the PB2? I've had it in my Amazon cart for a couple weeks now, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

Nicole said...

Hi Sara, I just found your blog through the Mom Creative link up. Love what you are doing with your pages! They all look great! :) As a digital PL-er, the inserts are the only things that I wish I could use more as well... especially since I am planning on having my year printed as a photo book... Sometimes makes me debate about either printing the pages, or else just doing a physical album!

Chrisy Clay said...

Great pages Sara, love your digital pages. I've found the hybird version quite a good mix for me....l get to do most of my journaling and photos on the computer, but then cut them out and place them in the pockets. Means you can include any inserts you want, and also gives you a little bit more flexibility in what you include in your pockets.....eg invitations, your kids art, tickets, receipts.....

Cle Reveries said...

This post is great!
You are fanntastic, and all your family is formidable!
The video is amazing, and you...!
I like all here, I'm one of your fans! :-)