July 8, 2013

Project Life Update :: Week 20

One of these days I may actually post something that is not Project Life related.  Probably not anytime soon, but the small chance still exists.  I don't know how people do it.  So...more Project Life layouts.

This layout was from the Jade Kit.  Super cute and fun, but I only pulled the Red and Blue for this particular week.

Here is Week 20:

Left Side:

I have had SUCH good intentions of catching up.  My photos are even sorted and organized...but these small people around here always seem to need something from me.  (and I'm rather lazy this summer...that might play a small part.)


Sarah Kooiman said...

Jade looks good on ya!!!

Jenny said...

This is lovely! I especially like the "Sunday Fun Day" collage card. I like your journaling font too -- it's very readable. Would you mind sharing the name of it? Thanks!! :)