January 14, 2014

Remember when I used to post things on my blog?

Nope, neither do I.  July 2013.  That was the last time I posted anything.   These days, my downtime usually gets spent doing some kind of monkey business on my phone.  With everything right in the palm of my hand (i.e. email, facebook, instagram, pinterest), why do I need to get on my computer anymore? "Ain't nobody got time for that!"    Lazy...?  Perhaps.  Lacking content or organized thoughts...You betcha.  Either way, if you have read this blog in the past and wondered what happened to me, I'm still here, just not very motivated to put my life into writing and photos.
However, it is a new year, and I am still running strong  good intentions, healthier foods, and endorphins from working out.
So, maybe I will add "blogging" to my list of 2014 goals. We'll see.
So thanks for clicking over to my dusty old blog.  You might see some more of me...but then again, you might not.  


Tara S said...

Welcome back, friend!

Colleen said...

ha! well I follow you on IG so I know you are still around : )
Nice to see you back around these parts tho.

Sarah Kooiman said...

Holy crapola, a blog post!!! I've missed you, twinnie!!

Girl, you've totally got me beat though. Instead of running or doing anything involving hand weights or working on Project Life, I've been blogging about how chubby and far behind I am. EPIC FAIL.

You win. :)

Love you!