January 23, 2014

2013 Project Life Pages...I'm done!

I didn't realize when I started 2013 that the entire album would be done digitally.  I did lots of digital layouts in 2012 to "catch up" quickly after falling several weeks behind, and I kind of liked it. I realized that I could work on little bits here and there and not be stuck with my supplies in another room.   I still print everything out as a 4x6 and 3x4 photo and slip it into the Project Life Template A style page protector.  That way, I can still add inserts or anything else I want to include.  I got into the habit of bringing everything together in a digital layout each week so I could share on Instagram or my blog, so that is what you are seeing below.

I started out with the Seafoam Kit, but as the new digital kits became available throughout the year, I was completely seduced and kept buying new ones. I've built up quite the stash this year, and I honestly don't know what my approach will be to 2014.  I'm sort of winging it.

Here are my 2013 pages: (my apologies...I saved the layouts at a small resolution, and they aren't the best quality.)
Week 1: Seafoam Kit
 Week 2: Seafoam Kit
Week 3: Seafoam Kit
Week 4: Seafoam Kit
 Week 5: Seafoam Kit
Week 6: Seafoam Kit
 Week 7: Seafoam Kit (and some random free printables)
 Week 8: Seafoam Kit
Week 9: Seafoam Kit
Week 10: Seafoam Kit
 Week 11: Kraft Kit
 Week 12: Kraft Kit
Week 13:
Inserts: 5x7 and 6x12
 Week 14: Kraft Kit
 Week 15: Honey Kit
Week 16: Honey Kit

Week 17: Honey Kit
Week 17 Insert:
Week 18: Some Kraft, Honey, Seafoam (with recoloring)
 Week 19: Kraft Kit
Week 20: Jade Kit
 Week 21: Honey Kit
 Week 22: Jade Kit
 Week 23: Kraft Kit
Week 24: Honey Kit
 Week 25: Rad Dad Kit
 Week 26: Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Mini Kit
Week 27: Honey Kit
 Week 27 Insert:
 Week 29: Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Mini Kit
 Week 30: Summer Theme Pack
 Week 31: Amy Tangerine Cut & Paste Mini Kit
 Week 32: Jade Kit
 Week 33: The Great Outdoors Theme Pack
 Week 34: Summer Theme Pack
Week 35: Honey Kit
 Week 36: School Theme Pack
 Week 37: Football Theme Pack
 Week 38: Amy Tangerine Cut & Paste Mini Kit
 Week 39: Coral Edition
 Week 40: Jade Kit
 Week 41: Dear Lizzy Neapolitan Mini Kit
 Week 42: Just Add Color Kit
 Week 43: Personal Yearbook Mini Kit
 Week 44: Halloween Theme Pack
 Week 45: Seafoam Kit
 Week 47: Kraft Kit
 Week 48: Road Trip Theme Pack
Week 49: Honey Kit
 Week 51: Jade Kit
 Week 52: Just Add Color Kit
Also, I have been asked a few times on Instagram which fonts I use.  There were three different fonts that I stuck with for titles and journaling.
Museo Slab, Bebas, Amelie fonts can be found by clicking here.
This was a fun year.  I really felt like I got in a groove with my process of collecting photos, storing them, uploading, etc.  I'm totally drawing a blank about how I will approach 2014.  We are now 3 weeks into the new year and I haven't uploaded a thing yet.  So.....there we are. 
Thanks for reading.  Hope you didn't fall asleep.  Let me know if I can answer any questions about these layouts!


Colleen said...

Love them! I'm not doing digital but I have so many pics that I often get picture heavy. do you ever feel that way?

Nicole said...

Looks awesome! It is neat to see all the weeks together like that! I am trying to decide how to go about doing my 2014 year as well. I think I am going to do monthly pages, with a little less structure. I am looking forward to see which route you take :)

Sarah Kooiman said...

Someday I'm going to finish my 2013 album. I think I'm up to SEPTEMBER. Oy, so much work to catch up on! But at least I know I can return to this post and just copy you! :)

Tara S said...

Shut up x 52 weeks of cuteness!!
Ahhh!! LOVE it.

Sonya said...

Your pages are wonderful! I love seeing them all togehter at the same time. Makes me glad I decided to be eclectic with my kits this year. Like you, I can't resist all the new kits. So glad there were not this many choices when I was doing the paper version.

The Wallace Family said...

Wow Sara! It looks great!! Do you have them printed in a book or do you print them and stick them in a 12X12 page protector! I just can't get use to digital yet. It looks great, but there is something about me and paper:)

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