February 27, 2014

Pep Talk, Project Life, and Sue Heck

If you are the memory keeper in your family, I'm sure you are familiar with the paralyzing feeling of being behind.  We have all been there (or present tense...there) and it stinks.  That is why I busted tail late 2013, and cranked out four months of digital layouts so I could feel "caught up" going into the new year.   
I actually did it.  I caught up. I felt it.  It was nice.  Then it was gone.

Cut to February 17 when I sat down with my computer to upload and organize my photos and realized that again, I was six weeks behind.  Now I KNOW what some of you are saying..."six weeks?  That's all?  I'm six months behind."  or maybe "six years behind".   So here's some good news.  It's not the end of the world!  Capturing memories and documenting them is an ongoing adventure.  There will always be work to do, but doing anything is better than doing nothing!  (wow, this post is not going in the direction I thought it would.  I'm starting to sound like Sue Heck.) 

Anyway, if you are feeling behind, or maybe haven't even started, I want to be your personal cheerleader in a rainbow sweater and tell you to keep going.  You can do it!  (insert cheese and thumbs up)  Would you like some inspirational reading?  Check out this post and then this one  and don't let the title of this one fool you, because it is a great perspective! 

I feel so blessed that I have had the ability to stay (mostly) on top of my scrapbooks each year.  It is important to me, so makes me so happy to see my kids look through these albums and light up when remembering all the little moments from the year. 
It really makes it seem worth all the work that was put into.  Time flies, so it is nice to be able to grab one of these albums off a shelf and see what happened in the blur. 

No go print your pictures and get moving.  You will be glad you did.


Nicole said...

Thanks for the pep talk! I still have 2 months of my 2013 PL to finish, and only have about 2 weeks of 2014 done, but I am determined to catch up, even if it means scaling back all the extras I previously did. I am determined to get these memories documented! :)

Diane said...

Then there's my strategy: pile it all in plastic totes (for when the pipes burst - like 2 Christmas' ago) and wait until they're in high school when you will have virtually no photos since they either will not tolerate photos being taken or will simply not be seen by humans who are older than they are....
Then you can catch up!

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