December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dan!

Yesterday was Dan's 29th birthday! Wow...that sounds crazy! We are looking 30 square in the eyes! I really tried to make the day special, even after he explained how birthdays are no big deal, it's just another day. Clearly he is entitled to his opinion, but I whole heartedly disagree. I also reiterated that just because he feels that way, does not mean he is allowed to treat my birthday as "just another day". (Quick recap- November 18th we bought a rug and went to Buffalo Wild wings...that certainly sounds like just another day. Thanks Dan!)

I had a babysitter all lined up so we could enjoy a nice dinner out...alone, made him a birthday cake, and even bought him a gift-albeit socks and underwear, but hey- he needed them. Of course I woke up yesterday with a migraine! The worst part is, I can't really take anything since I'm nursing, so I was miserable until about 4:00. Did I mention our babysitter emailed that morning saying that they had chest colds, and wanted me to know in case they shouldn't be around Bryce. I figured since he's just getting over his first bad cold and ear infection, it would be better to just cancel. So as Dan's "special day" was beginning to crumble around me, Dan calls saying he was super busy at work, and wouldn't be home until around 7:00! I officially gave up.

So when Dan finally got home, we went down the road to O'Charley's as a family and it was actually quite nice. However, the guy at the table next to us looks at Bryce (who was wearing ALL blue and looking very manly in his camo snow suit) asked "how do you keep HER so quiet?" What? HER? Ok, so he had Charlotte's pink paci in his mouth since I seemed to have misplaced all the blue ones...but he totally looks like a boy!!

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Sara said...

Happy birthday Dan!
Yeah, that gets on my nerves too when people call my boys girls! They are always dressed like boys! Just be glad you don't get asked "are they twins"? 25 times a day!!
Glad Bryce is feeling better.