February 19, 2009

Bachelor Stalking

Ok, so I decided to take a drive yesterday around 4:00 because Bryce and I were bored to tears. Dan was going to be home late, so I packed little man up in the car in hopes that the drive might lull him to sleep.

Let me back up a little bit...I swore this season that I would not watch the Bachelor. I do this every time and I get way too involved and I feel like every single night there is some show that I "must see". I avoided it until I realized one of the girls in the final 4 was from Grand Rapids. I was chatting with a few people about the hometown visits that Jason went on and learned that Molly's parents live in a neighborhood just about a mile from my house. I knew exactly which neighborhood it was because it turns out Dan and I walked through the house next door when we were looking to buy a house.

So I took a drive over to the house to see if it was the same one I was thinking of. Sure enough, it was! If anyone was home, I'm sure they thought I was weird. I was driving real slow down the street looking at each house, then almost stopping in front of theirs while looking for my camera (yes, I am THAT guy!) Unfortunately I didn't bring it with me. I might just have to take another drive to snap a picture. Who knows...if he picks Molly, now I know where the in-laws live! Maybe we will bump into the happy couple sometime! Yes, I know how utterly pathetic my life is. If only you knew how bored we were! These winter days are starting to wear on my sanity.

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Heidi said...

How cool is that *I mean in a stalker, maybe you shouldn't do that way, but if you do I will totally go with you kind of way. Glad you stalked me, cause now I can return the favor.