April 29, 2009

Human Barometer

Seriously, this weather is about to kill me. The last 2 weeks have been back and forth, wet then dry, warm then cold. Enough already. I thought I had been cured of migraines when I was pregnant with Bryce. My all too often migraines pretty much disappeared once I got pregnant, and stayed away after giving birth (woo hoo!) Since I've been pregnant this time...they're baaa-aaaack! The worst part is I had to go cold turkey from my BFF Excedrin Migraine. Tylenol just doesn't cut it. My doctor gave me a prescription I could take, but I hate to resort to that unless it is absolutely necessary.

I Googled "barometric pressure" today and discovered that "barometric pressure headache" is actually a condition...go figure? It is so nice to know there are other freaks out there like me. I had to laugh though when reading one suggestion to get some relief..."Some people find that a walk by a waterfall or river will help." WTF? At least it's not Swine Flu.

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Sara said...

I think I have the same condition. My migraines have been horrible lately too!!! I'm allergic to aspirin and all NSAIDs so Tylenol or the VERY occasional Tylenol 3 is my only relief too. Hope your headaches get better soon.