July 16, 2009

Empty nest...or not?

Earlier this spring, I took these pictures of a bird's nest I found under our deck. Everytime we went outside, I kept seeing mama bird fly out from under the deck into a nearby tree, so I figured she had a nest down there. It is so high up, you can't really see anything, so I tried looking through the cracks of the deck from above. Please forgive these pictures...my camera didn't quite fit between the boards. Sure enough, there were about 3 or 4 baby birds in there! It's amazing how quiet they are. Our table and chairs are literally right above the nest, and I never heard a thing.

So anyway, I've been keeping an eye on the nest to see how the birds were doing and one day the nest was empty. I keep seeing mama bird hanging around there, and this week I saw the birds back in the nest. How long to they usually hang around once they are big and can fly??? Just curious...

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