November 30, 2010

Yeah, these are real

We have been fake tree people since the know, when we got married and had our own house.  It just worked.  This year I decided that we should try a real tree.  Why not?  I have two perfectly angelic children under the age of 2 1/2.  Anyway, here is our adventure at the Christmas Tree Farm on Friday.
 The Spaniolo's told us about this tree farm where they have been getting their Christmas tree the last few years, so we decided to brave the frigid cold and meet them to pick out our trees.
 We made our Starbucks run on the way to make sure we stayed warm.
 So many beautiful trees to choose from.  I was overwhelmed by the smell of fresh pine trees.  This is so much better than the Yankee Candle I have burned every year to fake the smell of tree in my house.
 Once we found "the tree", Dan went to work.
 Bryce enjoyed himself...Sydney...DID NOT.  (like that was a surprise)
 ...and Dan continued to slave away at that tree trunk...
 It took a while, be he finally got it cut down...

...once Vince gave him a better saw of course. 
It sure was cold, but Aunt Amy was nice enough to stay in the warm car with the little ones. 

We even got Sydney to stop crying long enough for a picture.  (...and since this is one of the only pictures in existence with all 4 of us in it and Bryce's finger out of his nose, you may be seeing this on a Christmas card very soon)
The guys were super nice,  and very helpful.

We took advantage of nap time when we got home and dressed this bad boy up.  Let's just hope it is still standing by Christmas.

Oh, but let's not forget this little fiasco as we left the tree farm...  Makes me think of this attempt at family friggin Christmas fun last year!  I don't know why we think these adventures with little ones will ever turn out well.  Oh well, ENJOY!

Merry Friggin Christmas Part 2 from Sara Peterson on Vimeo.

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Janine said...

Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard right now! LOVE the video at the end. Can totally relate(-: Keep on trying Mama, it WILL get FUN! And the tree is beautiful!