March 22, 2012

Bryce's Big Boy Room!

We have been busy with a special little boy's new big boy room makeover!  It was waaaaaay over-due, but we decided, spur of the moment, to just go for it!  
 I found lots of cool ideas on pinterest and just pulled a bunch of stuff together.  

First we started with a new paint color.  

 I went with (what I thought was) a basic light gray.  However, after it was primed and painted, it dried much blue-er than I thought it would be.
Grrrrrrr.....this still irks me.  Oh well, it's up there now, and its not getting re-painted anytime soon.
To cut back on costs, I decided not to get him a new bed, but instead, we were going to use an old Queen size set that we aren't using, and just gave the headboard a little face-lift.

Dan thought I was crazy for taking on this project, but I convinced him it would turn out fine.  How is it the man has no problem taking rediculous investmentl risks, but can't handle a little spray paint???
After some sanding, a few coats of Kilz, and MANY coats of blue spray paint, the headboard was finished.  (So are my remaining brain cells...but that is a different story)
 After the paint was dry, we started to tape off one wall to add some stripes.
 We were just doing a darker gray color on top of the base color, so the taping went pretty smooth.
Watching paint dry...
We still have several things to hang up on the walls, but it is coming along!
I've been waiting to take more pics, so this is the only one I have of his room so far.  I hope to get the rest of the shelves and signs up before the weekend.  More photos soon!

Bryce is loving his new room.  He looks so small in this giant bed.  He's been sleeping in it for a week now and I laugh when I get him up in the morning because he is in a different position every single time!  Must be nice to have so much wiggle room!

There's a few more projects I would like to incorporate, like this:

or This:

And maybe something like this?  I bought some chalkboard paint, so I may paint a big area and frame it with some trim???  We'll see???


Colleen said...

I love the paint color Sara! The stripes look awesome. Can't wait to see the rest : )

Bree said...

It looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Keller would like you to come and do his room!

Shannon b said...

the bed and the stripes look awesome! Great job!