March 14, 2012

Spring Crafts and Decoration

Now that the weather has been feeling much more spring-like, I have been inspired to reflect these feelings inside the house as well!  Since I spend 90% of my life in this house, I am obsessed with decorating for each season.  Mix that with my obsession with Pinterest and we are in big trouble!  I found a few pinterest ideas and had to try them out.  Here is what I came up with!
I swear I "pinned" this at some point, but I couldn't seem to find it, so I just recreated it from memory.  So easy!  I had the vase sitting around, grabbed a package of Peeps at the grocery store along with some colorful Jelly Beans (I think these were Skittle or Starburst Smoothie Flavor?) and picked out some (SUPER CHEAP-O) tulips from the dollar store.  Dump them all together, and Bam...instant Centerpiece.  Very cheap too.  Maybe a cute gift to bring to teachers, or your Easter Dinner Hostess?
Next up, I decided to spruce up my Stove/Oven/Range/Hood...whatever you call it.  Can you tell I'm so savy in the kitchen???  I call it my new Spring Decor Shelf, that's what I call it!
This may have been the cheapest of all my Easter/Spring decor.  
I had all the supplies in my scrapbook stash to make the banner and the bunny frame.
I used some Kraft then white Cardstock to make each flag, and fun spring-y cardstock to make each letter.  We had some twine in the garage and I just punched holes in each flag to tie to another large piece that attaches to the top of the cabinet. ( It is a very scientific process:  I tied the twine to some heavy serving spoons and tossed them on top of the cabinets hoping they wouldn't fall.  Yup, very scientific)
Hobby Lobby had all their Easter stuff 30 or 40% off so I picked up a few of these wooden eggs for some color.  I think they were $2.99, so around $2 a piece??  Not only am I scientific, but I'm really good at math in my head.
The bunny frame was a must because after all the rest of the decor was up there, I had a big empty space right in the middle that needed to be filled.  I just Googled "bunny silhouette", printed out a this little bunny, then traced him on black cardstock.  All you you recognize the patterned paper from Clementine?  Used a frame I had sitting around and BAM...another free little accent.  
I "pinned" this adorable tree months ago and knew immediately that I wanted to make this.  (you know, because I love labor intensive, arthritis inducing crafts)
It didn't turn out AS cute as the original crafter's, but I still love it.

Like I said, this was very time consuming, lots of steps, lots of work, but I had fun doing it.  There is a great tutorial here, but I snapped a few pics of the steps to discourage you from trying encourage you to make one!
The longest part was making all the leaves.  I cut out some cardboard as a template to try to make the leaves as uniform as possible.  Then rummaged through my paper stash and found some Spring-y colors and patterns.  Trace, cut, trace, cut, trace cut, ignore your kids, trace, cut, trace, cut.
 Gather some good branches from your yard and try to arrange them to create the fullest efffect.
 Again, the tutorial shows how she glued the two sides of the leaves together with a wire running down the center to create the stability and give it something to attach the branch.  Then you just wrap the wire around the branch to create the look you are going for.  I broke several branches during this step and had to keep shortening my branches.  Find good sticks to start with.
I'm glad I made two different sizes of leaves so it gave the tree some variety.

I've been thinking of spray painting the vase, but that seems like a ton of work.  So it will stay this way...for now.
So things are looking a little Spring-y.  Here's a few more Easter Decorations.  
Felt banner was $3.99 at Target...Love!  Loving this weather!  Loving the time change and having daylight at 7:30pm.   Loving this time of year!  


Colleen said...

Love your banner! I must hit up Target for the cute little egg banner. I'm with you! it's been so nice to leave work with it still light out.

Abby Devine said...

Love all the decorations.... so fun!!! Makes you in the mood for Spring!

Shannon b said...

I love all your decorations! Especially the spring banner. I might have to copy you. :)

Anonymous said...

This looks great!
*sigh* I am SUCH a slacker.....

Beauty Follower said...

Lovely decor!