March 23, 2012

Project Life Update: Week Ten

I'm finally getting around to posting my week 10. It's pretty and journaling. I've fallen a little bit behind, and I'm trying to catch up, so I went with simple this week.
I used two instagram photos on a digital journal card (top right) then added some tape.  A few photos in the 3x4 pockets and a some journal cards.
I took a screen shot with my phone...little did I know our temperature would continue to increase by another 20 degrees over the next week!  And I was excited about 63*!!!!!  Cathy Z has a great little video about how to obtain this screen shot, upload it, then add case you are interested! 
Bryce was so pumped about his "homework" that I had to include this page.  However, we weren't finished filling in the worm, so I scanned the 8.5x11 sheet and shrunk it down to 4x6, printing it as a photo.
Nothing special over here.  Photos and journaling.  Potty training and painting.  My glamorous life!

Hope to finish up weeks 11 and 12 this weekend!  I've been pinning some awesome ideas that I am excited to try!  I still love this project!!  Are you sick of hearing about it yet??


MaryAnn Perry said...

love it and the room! can you come and help me potty train my girls?

packmom said...

Great spring and Easter decorating. I really need to do more but haven't gotten around to it yet. I still have a piontsetta up that is thriving! Time to break out the tulips :0)