April 27, 2013

Project Life Update: Week 16

Nothing super crazy this week.  Just stuck with the Honey Kit again.  We played outside quite a bit, lots of shots of ordinary life this week.

Bottom left pocket will be a flip up page.  The two images on the inside of flap are below.  
I love these little hands, so proud of his creations.  I love his half-worn off tatoos on each arm.  I love that he names each one of his lego creations (yellow journal card).  This kid rocks.
I had lots of photos from our walk downtown last weekend to check out the flooding of the Grand River.  I used Design H (basically half of Design A) to add as an insert. 

There we go.  Week 16...done.


Nicole said...

LOVE your pages this week! Your colourful pictures go so well with the Honey kit. :) Your chalk family sign is awesome! Really love the lego flip up as well.

Sarah Kooiman said...

I love the fish swimming by the window. Crazy!

Chrisy Clay said...

Hi Sara
Love how you include so much colour on your layouts...but they still seem so clean and fresh.
Love the flood photos, amazing!

Lisa Johnson said...

I ♥ ♥ ♥ the Honey kit!!!
You did such a great job (as usual) on this spread.
Those flood pictures are CRAZY!!!
I like how you included the pictures of your son's legs and cute hand holding them!

Cle Reveries said...

Only a word: fantastic!
Kisses to all, children and parents, love